SafePod by Best Lockers is a new alternative for venues that want to provide personal storage solutions to guests or employees.

Using a digital keypad and a motorized locking mechanism, SafePod offers guests and venue staff a secure and simple way to protect their important belongings with two modes of operation: Single Use Mode and Assigned User Mode.

With solid welded steel construction, a durable powder coat finish, and LED illuminated door handles, this latest in locker innovation is a smartly designed solution for most environments. Learn more about SafePod by Best Lockers and see how it can improve your employee and guest satisfaction today!

Flexible Configurations

Whether looking at 1 tier, 2, or 5 tiers, every SafePod locker will have a simple yet secure operating firmware, programmable with just a fingertip. When necessary, a programmable master code can override the locked locker, giving you ease of access.