Single and Double Strollers

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Versatile Singles and Doubles

Safemark’s single and double strollers are designed with unmatched quality, versatility, functionality and maintainability. The rust-free modular components make the strollers easy to maintain. And, the Safetmark stroller is an attractive guest enhancement producing higher demand and revenue than other strollers. The strollers include many features that address the needs of venues, including quick and easy fold-down for stacking or nesting.

With the unique design of Safemark’s strollers, children up to 7 years old can fit comfortably, thus providing a much broader range of potential children’s rentals than any other stroller. Other strollers limit rentals to a maximum 3 year-old child. Safemark is more than a stroller – kids find it part of the venue experience.

Regardless of the property size, there’s always so much to see and do — don’t let mobility issues limit the adventures of your guests. When they rent one of our strollers they’ll go wherever their curiosity leads to explore all the wonders available at the your property.