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Let’s Go Fur-Wheelin’™

ScooterPals™ is a whole new species of mobile entertainment! These huggable, loveable, squeezable, scootable Pals are bursting with personality and on a mission to bring Scooterrific fun to everyone. More than just a ride, ScooterPals is a full-fledged animal attraction that boosts margins, drives engagement, amps up the entertainment factor and elevates the guest experience.

ScooterBug’s Industry Standard Fleet Service

With guest mobility product programs for the Leisure and Entertainment industries including theme parks, zoos, malls, casinos, resorts, and other destination locations — ScooterBug is a leader in providing custom solutions designed to meet every customer’s unique needs. Our state-of-the art personal scooters, strollers, and wheelchairs are commercial grade, and designed to meet the performance demands of any environment.

What ScooterPals Can Do for You!

Make guests feel like rockstars, all while you rock your bottom line! ScooterBug’s new ScooterPals™ program provides an electric guest adventure that not only is an attraction unto itself, but virtually pays for itself too. Entertainment, engagement, revenue, profit… all backed by a team you trust.

 An exciting revenue-generating attraction

 A fun, enjoyable guest experience

 Easy digital payment system

 Seamless integration into your operation

 Turnkey and custom options

 Comprehensive one-stop-shop convenience and comfort

 Trusted ScooterBug-brand service and support

It’s Easy. Just Rent & Roll!

Seriously simple. Seriously secure. Guests can go from zero to rolling in no time at all.

Choose Your Pal

Whether guests want to roam around with Reya, get krazy with Kozēe or let Nyx navigate the way, the choice is theirs. There’s a Pal for every personality.

Scan The QR

No apps to download. No clumsy paperwork to fumble with. Guests just scan the QR code, complete the quick, secure online form and they’re ready to rock.

Get Scootin’

Adventure waits for no one, so hassle-free is the way to be! Now guests are ready to saddle up and go, go, go! It’s never been so easy to turn up and roll out.

Roll Like a Rockstar

Fun for All

Don’t let those cute faces fool you, ScooterPals are undeniably cool and irresistibly entertaining for all ages and sizes. They can also seat up to two people for double the fun!

Flexible, Timed Rentals

Whether you want a quick thrill or a full day of fun, you can have the time of your life for as little or as long as you choose thanks to our easy, safe and secure GoRoll™ rental technology.

An Engaging Attraction

Talk about a showstopper! The ScooterPals are a whole attraction unto themselves. Whenever the Pals roll through, people start gawking and crowds come flocking.

Friends with Benefits

With our battle-tested scooters, innovative GoRoll™ system, trusted SafePod™ courtesy lockers and robust partner programs, ScooterPals is more than just a rideable, it’s a full-fledged guest experience.

That’s How We Roll

ScooterPals Testimonials

“ScooterPals took our amazing zoo day to a whole new level of fun! And we didn’t have to leave with tired feet!”

Pam Whitson

“ScooterPals are so imaginative and fun! It was like we were riding through the zoo on our own favorite animal!”
Paige Whitson Davis, MD

“Best decision I made all day. The ScooterPals were so fun to ride. We were able to cruise around, beat the heat and get tons of great pictures. It was hands down the highlight of our entire trip.”
MSgt. William Mackinzie, USAF

“I loved it! It was ‘all eyes on me’ as I was cruising around. People were constantly taking pictures and asking where they could get one to ride.”

Eli H.

“Honestly, I wish these were everywhere. I don’t think I ever want to go to another zoo WITHOUT ScooterPals!”

Alan Marshall

“Easy to rent. Easy to ride. I had a total blast riding this around with — and without — my kids.”

Jamie A.

“I felt very safe and comfortable while riding the Pals. I recommend this to anyone who wants to have a little fun or just get off their feet after a long day.”
Raquel RF
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