Go Paperless. Cashless.Roll™ Mobile

A touchless mobility rental solution

Maximize guest throughput and streamline your mobility rental process while meeting today’s “no-touch” demands. GoRoll™ Mobile provides guests fast and easy mobile transactions while providing your venue with electronic bookkeeping and mobile management of your fleet.
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Mobility Fleet Solution

Available today for existing or new mobility fleets.

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Meet your Guide to Even Better Mobility – GoRoll Fleet Manager

GoRoll offers a back-end Fleet Manager that provides reporting and inventory controls. Gain easy access to transaction history and see a real time view of daily rentals – all available from a phone, laptop or tablet.

Customized to Fit Your Venue

With GoRoll™ Mobile, you’re in control. Choose from our tiered offerings to match your venue’s operation. GoRoll aligns with any combination of ECVs, Strollers, and Wheelchairs.

  • Digital Capture

  • Mobile Payment

  • Receipt Messaging

  • Fleet Manager

  • Reporting

  • Facility Management

  • Fleet Management

ECV Scooter Fleet

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    Increase Profits With

    Turnkey Fleet Mobility Solutions

    Lucrative Revenue Share

    Generate incremental revenue with a customized fleet mobility program to fit your venue and guest demographics.

    Reduce Costs

    Reduce labor, operating and maintenance expenses with Safemark’s managed service plan tailored to your venue

    Better Control

    Easy to access full fleet data, available on demand. Know guest and vehicle data in real time.

    Fleet Mobility Solution

    Safemark is a leader in providing customized mobility fleet solutions to venues all around the world. Our comfortable and commercial grade scooters, strollers, and wheelchairs will enhance guest satisfaction and generate increased revenue.

    How Safemark Fits Your Business

    Our world-class security and mobility solutions are trusted across multiple industries.