GoPod® Mobile

Available today for existing or new GoPod Locker systems.

Speed locker rentals and meet today’s demands for self-service and “no-touch” transactions.

GoPod Mobile is so easy! In a few simple steps, your guests will secure their valuables and be off to the fun. Renters can even store their phone inside the locker, utilizing GoPod’s patented door-based keypad for access.

01 |  Scan QR Code with Phone Camera

02 |  Create a Unique PIN Code

03 |  Enter Preferred Mobile Payment

Secure Valuables and Go!

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    Empower Guests to Get to the Fun…Even Faster than Before

    With GoPod Mobile, guests skip the kiosk and head right for their locker. No lines, no physical payments at the kiosk – guests can use their mobile device for everything.

    Increase Profits With

    Turnkey Rental Lockers Solutions

    Lucrative Revenue Share

    Generate incremental revenue with a customized rental locker program to fit your venue and guest demographics.

    Reduce Costs

    Reduce labor, operating and maintenance expenses with Safemark’s managed service plan tailored to your venue

    Ancillary Sales

    Drive guests to your outlets and receive premium advertising dollars from local establishments

    GoPod Electronic Locker Solution

    Using patented technology, GoPod Electronic Lockers feature networked kiosks with intelligent keypads on every locker door allowing guests to quickly store valuables. Along with diminishing long lines and increasing guest satisfaction, GoPod helps properties increase revenue and strengthen marketing as the customizable kiosks promote onsite amenities, advertising, and more.

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    Our world-class security and mobility solutions are trusted across multiple industries.