We are committed to protecting your personal data. This privacy notice describes how we collect and process the personal data that we receive from you in connection with this website and how you can contact us if you have additional questions regarding our processing of your personal data.

1. What personal data will ScooterBug process?
ScooterBug will process your personal data in accordance with the following description.

1.1 ScooterBug will process the personal data set out in this section 1.1 in order to achieve our legitimate interest of providing you with information requested by you:

Name, address, email and telephone number
1.2 ScooterBug will process the personal data set out in this section 1.2 in order to achieve our legitimate interest of responding to your messages when communicating with us:

Email, contact information, additional information provided by you in free text
1.3 ScooterBug will process the personal data set out in this section 1.3 in order to provide you with press releases based on your consent obtained when you start a subscription to our press releases.

Email address
1.4 ScooterBug will process the personal data set out in this section in order to perform follow up and send invitations to upcoming webcasts based on your consent when you sign up for a webcast.

Name, company name, email address
2. How and why will ScooterBug use your personal data?
2.1 In addition to the above-mentioned use and purposes, we use your personal data to administrate and improve this website, for our internal records, for statistical analysis about the use of the website and (if applicable), to complete your product orders and/or to contact you regarding sales and as a part of our customer relation procedures.

2.2 ScooterBug’s collection of personal data is based on the need to carry out the processes stipulated above. To the extent that ScooterBug uses the personal data to improve this website or for analyzing statistics, the basis for collection of data is ScooterBug’s legitimate interest to conduct such improvements and analysis. Since no sensitive personal data will be processed and the processing is limited, ScooterBug has concluded that its legitimate interest to conduct the improvements and analysis takes precedence over your privacy interest.

2.3 The personal information collected and processed when communicating with us is based on our legitimate interest to support our employees, clients and customers and to ensure traceability. Since you have provided the information freely and the processing is limited, ScooterBug has concluded that your privacy interests do not outweigh our legitimate interest.

2.4 The processing of your email address when you subscribe to our press releases is based on your consent. After submitting your email address, you will receive a link to confirm your subscription.

2.5 The processing of your name and email address when signing up for our webcasts is based on your consent. Your information will be stored for 60 days after which it will be deleted.

3. Transfer of personal data
3.1 For the stated purposes, personal data will not be transferred to countries located outside the United States.

3.2 The personal data that is collected and stored is exclusively used by companies within the ScooterBug group, except in the following cases where we may submit the data to third parties:

When required by law;
To a buyer or a potential future buyer of our business, and/or;
To the following categories of service providers appointed by ScooterBug that provide services connected to this website or its functions, but only to the extent it is necessary in order to provide these services:
Shareholder services: The Shareholder Services allows ScooterBug shareholders to change the subscription of financial information they wish to receive.

Subscription service: Visitors can register their e-mail address to receive ScooterBug press releases.

Webcast service: Visitors can enter their name and e-mail address to attend live webcasts.

3.3 ScooterBug will take measures to protect all personal data transferred to such third party, or that has been transferred to other countries, in accordance with applicable data protection laws and as stated above.

4. For how long will ScooterBug store your personal data?
4.1 ScooterBug stores the personal data as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which the data has been collected. This means that ScooterBug deletes your personal data when such data is no longer necessary to process a request, an order or to administrate your account or our client relationship. Statistics which has been anonymised may be saved thereafter.

5. Information and access rights
5.1 You may at any time request the rectification or erasure of your personal data. Please note however that deletion could mean that ScooterBug cannot process requests or orders, or that your account expires. You have the right to request a copy of your personal data from our record. You have the right to request a limitation of the use of your personal data (for example if you deem the data to be incorrect) or the termination of use of your personal data (for example as regards the use of the data to improve ScooterBug’s website). You are entitled to request the personal data used to process an order, to administrate your account or our client relationship in a machine-readable format which you are entitled to transfer to another data controller.

6. Cookies
For information on how ScooterBug uses cookies in order to improve the end user experience, please see ScooterBug Cookie Policy.

7. Social media
For information on how ScooterBug processes personal information collected in connection with our social media platforms, please see ScooterBug Privacy Notice – Social Media.

Privacy Notice version 1.0, October 31, 2022