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The jig is up. The word is out. It’s now time to “Get Soaked in Smiles!”

7 Clans Waterpark is Oklahoma’s first (and only), resort casino with an indoor waterpark attached, located at First Council Casino Hotel in Newkirk, Oklahoma.

The waterpark officially filled its pools, buckets and rivers on February 25, 2019 and opened up to hundreds of fanatical water inhabitants’ celebrating with ear-piercing laughter and lighthearted splashes. The waterpark was built for the exclusive, free use for all hotel
guests. When a guest stays at the hotel, the park is theirs to enjoy, 7 days a week from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Along with the waterpark, 7 Clans Casino Hotel features two distinctive hotel towers. The Beachfront Hotel features 86 luxury rooms furnished with double plush bedding, premium linens, a spacious floor plan and an easygoing walk to the main casino floor.

The newest hotel tower, The Oceanfront, has 60 rooms and themed suites designed for coziness, comfort and elegance for the entire family and friends. The Oceanfront is right next to the waterpark, making it an effortless stroll to get your soak on.

Making sure everything is included

As stated earlier, guests receive free waterpark access if they’re staying in either hotel tower. Also, 7 Clans Casino Hotel prides itself on no hidden or extra resort fees. Guests who stay on property will never have to pay for parking, Wi-Fi, the fitness center, waterpark access, in-room coffee or water. The main casino is home to more than 1,200 of today’s hottest slot machines, live Craps, Blackjack and Roulette. The floor is always buzzing with daily and monthly prize and cash giveaways. Guests are encouraged to sign up for their free Player’s Club Card, where they’ll instantly start receiving discounts on meals, rooms
and so much more!

Also nestled in the main casino is the FlatWater Bar & Grill, the headquarters to savory steaks, signature seafood, mouthwatering burgers and specialty sandwiches. The entire family will be able to grab a quick bite or enjoy a great lunch or the perfect relaxing dinner.

19,200 square feet of watery fun

The indoor waterpark consists of four indoor-outdoor waterslides with the highest towering at 30 feet. The two bigger slides are tube friendly, and rocket riders on a darkened, twisted journey heading outside, winding around and finally shooting them back
into the gigantic pool.

It takes just over 127,328 gallons of water to fill the entire park, which includes a 329-foot leisure river, a 6-foot pool with a transparent climbing wall and a zero entry lagoon. Right in the middle of the lagoon is the home of the most entertaining “Aquatic Jungle
Jim” with fountains, jets and squirt stations, as well as the park’s now notorious “Bucket of Ruckus,” which drenches the playful masses with well over 600 gallons of H2O every 6 minutes. There’s also a rope ladder with floating obstacles to scurry over, a prominent water bridge and plush landscaping. The entire square footage of the park is 19,300.

The park also claims to have an advanced level of technology, whereby they are able to maintain the air temperature inside the park at exactly the same temperature of the water. They also have a booming sound system and an unbelievable humidifying system,
keeping those hot Oklahoma summers so enjoyable. The waterpark features 4 unique food outlets for the entire family. Two are directly inside the waterpark, so close you could almost grab a hot dog from your floating tube. The other two are just outside the main doors of the waterpark, providing access to everyone either staying and playing or winning and grinning at 7 Clans Casino Hotel.

Inside the waterpark is Hooty Hoo Snack Shack, when sometimes quick isn’t fast enough. Here, guests can enjoy a quick nibble or hand-held snack on the run. Hooty Hoo is a one-stop snack location, serving all the family favorites. There’s the Hang Ten hamburger, crispy chicken strips, nachos and, the most craved, The Waterpark Weiner. Right next door is Icy Bites, featuring frozen treats and icecream. This is the perfect place to satisfy that sweet tooth. After a full day of splashing, chasing kids and giggling, every parent deserves dessert! For those guests who are looking for a little privacy and a more comfortable space to relax in, they can rent a cabana for $20 per hour or $100 a day. 7 Clans is also working on putting birthday packages together.

Just outside of the main doors of the waterpark and leading into the main lobby of the Oceanside Hotel is The Bear’s Brewing Den and Buffy’s Restaurant. The Bear’s Brewing Den serves up the freshest brewed roasted coffee, espresso or light breakfast every day. The circular counter
and friendly staff make it easy to find, order and enjoy the morning’s first perfect cup of hot coffee. Buffy’s Restaurant is nestled just behind The Brewing Den. Here visitors can access the entrance to Buffy’s from either side of The Den. When they want to spend more time relaxing over lunch and catching up on all the day’s events, Buffy’s is the perfect spot. Here,they’ll discover a more traditional menu, with appetizer’s, salads, sandwiches and complete lunch and dinner entrées. Buffy’s is also known for it’s incredible hand-tossed pizza.

Sure, floating all day is hard work, so when mom or dad wants to relax with friends over an adult beverage, 7 Clans Casino Hotel offers two convenient locations. Buffy’s Bar and the Beaver Bar & Casino are just off the lobby offering the happiest of Happy Hours. Buffy’s is right inside of Buffy’s Restaurant and the Beaver Bar & Casino is located on the second floor with spectacular views of the waterpark.

Serving up more fun and excitement at 7 Clans

The Beaver Bar & Casino is the perfect place for visitors to watch their favorite sports team on four gigantic TV’s, meet with friends and enjoy 16 different draft beers, an assortment of wines and a full drink menu. There’s also a state-of-the–art mixology
system, guaranteeing to mix and pour the perfect cocktail every time. Plus, the casino offers 120 of the newest slot machines. Directly across the hall from the main lobby is The Arcade, which has been a huge hit for gamers of all ages. In fact, The Arcade has been so popular, there’s talk of putting another gaming zone near the lobby.

7 Clans undeniably embraces their heritage. While walking through the lobby, and hotel hallways, guests will notice an array of gorgeous tribal art, beautiful artifacts and historical portraits hanging from the ceiling, walls and welded onto the railings. Hopefully, while enjoying their stay, people will get the opportunity to visit their two incredible entertainment venues, The Cool River Bar and The Council Bluff Event Center.

The Cool River Bar offers the finest local area touring bands in a cozy comfortable setting. And, if a person enjoys being a part of 1,800 fans enjoying world-class entertainment, then the Council Bluff Event Center is the place they need to be. Guests are encouraged to keep checking the 7 Clans website ( to view the entertainment schedule and to purchase tickets to the most established and newest of comedians, touring bands, legendary performers, tribute bands and high profile artists. They’ll also be able to find out more about all five 7 Clans Casino properties.

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