GoPod Mobile speeds locker rentals and meets today’s demands for self-service and “no-touch” transactions

Orlando, Fla. — Safemark, the world leader in electronic lockers, has launched GoPod® Mobile to complement its award-winning GoPod rental solution. GoPod Mobile is a web-based application, making it compatible with any mobile device and avoiding the friction of downloading an application from an app store. The solution works with existing or new GoPod locker systems and puts the convenience of securing valuables into the hands of guests. The user-friendly application speeds transactions, reduces lines, promotes a contactless environment and is available today.

The GoPod Mobile rental process is complete in a few simple steps. Guests select a locker, scan a QR code with their phone and use their preferred form of mobile payment to complete the rental. Guests can even store their cell phone inside the locker, utilizing their unique pin on GoPod’s patented door-based keypad.

“With GoPod Mobile, guests skip the kiosk and head right for their locker. No lines, no physical payments at the kiosk – guests can use their mobile device for everything,” said Safemark CMO Mark Schmidt. “GoPod Mobile is the first in a series of connected products that will redefine Safemark and the industries we serve. Part of our broader mobile transformation, its launch comes at an ideal time as facilities implement new procedures for social distancing and stopping the spread of COVID-19.”

Empowering Guests, Rewarding Venues

Using patented technology, GoPod Electronic Lockers feature intelligent keypads on every locker door, allowing guests to store valuables quickly. Along with reducing or eliminating lines, reduced cash handling and improved guest satisfaction, Safemark’s GoPod helps properties maximize profits through its popular no-cost-to-venue revenue share plan. GoPod Mobile brings to customer partners the certainty that drives locker rentals and boosts margins.

Safemark offers a wide range of lockers and other security solutions and serves multiple industries, including waterparks, theme parks, ski resorts, family entertainment, museums and just about any venue looking to provide guests the convenience of secured valuables.

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